A UK-listed investment company, seeking consistent returns from a diversified portfolio of emerging market funds.



The Company’s investment objective is to achieve consistent returns for Shareholders in excess of the MSCI Emerging Markets Net Total Return Index in Sterling terms (the "Benchmark")

Aberdeen Emerging Markets Investment Company Limited Annual Report for the year ended 31 October 17
Andrew Lister, Senior Investment Manager

In this webcast, Andrew Lister gives an update on a wide range of subjects including the Trust’s performance, the geographic and sectoral positioning of the portfolio for the Trust.

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Key Information Document (KID)

Under the new Packaged Retail and Insurance-based Investment Products Regulation, the Company’s Manager, Aberdeen Fund Managers Limited, is required to produce a KID for the Company. The latest version of this document can be accessed at http://www.invtrusts.co.uk/en/investmenttrusts/literature-library/kids.

Investors who acquired shares in Aberdeen Emerging Markets Investment Company Limited between 27 December 2017 and 5 January 2018 should note that the KID made available for that period understated the other ongoing costs of the Company by stating they were 1.2% instead of 2.53%. The KID was revised on 5 January 2018. If you have any queries regarding this update, please click here to contact us.